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Hollycombe Primary School – In Touch with Nature project update

In the summer of 2020 we were in the early planning stages for our outdoor classroom and so we weren’t able to confirm our exact plans for the trees until we knew what space we would have left in the back garden. Our classroom is now up and in use by the children which is wonderful, but it is clear that there is no room for an extra trees in the garden. 

We are now looking at planting some new trees and hedging on the playing field, and this will be an even bigger project than originally planned following a hedge fire earlier this year which destroyed two-thirds of the existing leylandii hedge. The new hedging will be made up of a mix of traditional hedgerow plants and we will include some trees too to provide fruits and shelter for the birds, and some much needed shade for the children during the summer. We plan to use the Roots & Shoots plaque for these trees. This should all take place in January/February 2022 and we are very excited.

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