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Sustainable Shipping

Flettner Ship
The E-Ship 1 is a Flettner ship: four large rotorsails that rise from its deck are rotated via a
mechanical linkage to the ship’s propellers. – Alan Jamieson from Aberdeen, Scotland, CC BY
2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Around 80% of world trade is transported by ships, but how often do you think about the environmental impact of shipping? In this resource we will think about the impact shipping has on us and our planet and come up with some ideas for creating more sustainable shipping.

In this activity you and your students will:

  • Research the impact of shipping on us and our planet
  • Design and build a model of a ship for the future.
  • Test their ship on water!


To find out about the impact of our most common form of trade transport, and think of ways to make it more sustainable

Download the sustainable shipping activity »

This activity is part of a set of resources about the oceans of the world, developed in partnership with DP World, a leading provider of worldwide smart end-to-end supply chain logistics.

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