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Eyes of Extinction by Ariya Agarwal

Ariya Agarwal is an inspirational writer at a young age. Her love for animals has motivated her to speak out on their behalf and to raise awareness about their treatment.

We are delighted to recommend her first book to you.

‘Eyes of Extinction’:

“My name is Ariya, and I am 13 years old.

Even though I live in England, I have experienced the most amazing wildlife from turtles in Sri Lanka to tigers in Kanha, India. I believe that we need to have equality in this world which means treating animals without the disrespect we show towards them. I have always been hugely inspired to become an activist and I have always dreamt of making a change. 

This has led me on a journey resulting in the publication of my first book ‘Eyes of Extinction’ which is an anthology of poems that I have written expressing the cruelty that is shown towards animals. My poems are written from the perspective of different animals and with the aim to highlight the need for change. The read is not an easy one which many will find disturbing, however this is to fully express the damage that has been done and continues to this day. 

I am extremely grateful to have come this far, and I truly hope to make a greater influence and difference.”

You can purchase Ariya’s first book ‘Eyes of Extinction’ on Amazon UK

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