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Climate Action book by Georgina Stevens

Dear Roots & Shoots members,

We are delighted to recommend the book below, and all our members get a a 30% discount, so don’t forget to apply at checkout (further info below).

Are you looking for ideas to inspire a classroom of primary age children on climate crisis around Earth Day?

Talk with them about love! Specifically talk with them about what they love about nature, and ask them to discuss between themselves what they love the most about nature and why.

Is it the sound of birdsong in the morning?

Is it amazing creatures such as cheetahs, or snow leopards, orcas, or narwhals, that we get to see on documentaries?

Is it the squirrels in their park?

Or their funny pet dog, cat or fish?

Is it the idea of the millions of creatures that live in our oceans that fills them with wonder and love?

Is it the sound of running water in their nearest stream?

Is it the beautiful sky and the amazing sun that keeps us warm?

The delicious food we can grow in our soil?

Then ask them to think about why they love that particular aspect of nature.  Ask them to describe in great detail what they love about that aspect of nature, how does it taste, smell, feel, and make them feel?

Happy, relaxed, grateful, small, powerful, lucky, calm, excited…….

And then ask them to write stories, songs and poems, or draw pictures or dance to convey what they love.

And then ask them what they would do to keep that very thing alive in our world.  Use a good book to help give ideas of things they can do, and the issues that our environment faces.  You could use Climate Action, which is aimed at 6-12 year olds and gives a really straight forward overview of the issues and what we can all do.  And for all Roots & Shoots schools there is a 30% discount on the book on their website There is also a list of other great resources on there too which will also come in handy.

Have fun and share those pictures and stories to share the love!! #allyouneedislove

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@georginastevensgreen (Instagram)

About the author

Georgina Stevens has worked in sustainability for 20 years now and has tried to distill all she learnt in that time about the climate crisis into a simple to understand and inspiring format for young people.  She has published three children’s books on environmental issues so far and is currently trying to work out how to live harmoniously with nature and her family on her small holding down in East Sussex.

Climate Action is about changing the world for the better. It’s about how we all have the power to make a real difference.

And it’s also about the many incredible young people, just like you, who are already taking action at a time when change is most needed.

Written by Georgina Stevens with vibrant artwork from Katie Rewse Climate Action is a positive guide to the changes, both big and small, we can make. From sustainable shopping to pollution-tackling green roofs, there are so many exciting innovations which are helping us in our quest to save the planet. What’s more, profiles about the young change-makers making waves to save our planet encourage young learners to join the environmental movement.

Inspiring, informative and uplifting, this is the perfect handbook for being the change we want to see. A tree will be planted for every copy sold in the UK.

To purchase a copy of Climate Action please visit and enter the code 6TQCRPVA at checkout.  This code entitles you to 30% discount* and free shipping.
*Discount is limited to 1 per customer and valid until 30th June 2022.

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