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Toilet Twinning Fundraising

For our whole school topic this term we are looking at ‘Water’. Each year group is learning about the importance water has for all living things, including our planet, and the impact climate change is having on this precious resource. Year 6 has been looking at how climate change increases the odds of worsening droughts all over the world and the expectation that they will be more frequent, intense, and longer lasting. The children have been focusing on how droughts effect poorer countries, and the hardships they experience from not having access to clean, fresh water; walking miles to find water and carrying it back home.


They took it in turns to carry full buckets around the school field, trying to experience the effort involved in fetching water – no luxury of just turning on a tap to wash, cook or drink. In some poorer countries people have to survive on just 5 litres of water a day to meet all their basic needs; how much do we use (and possibly waste) every day? They also looked at the statistics that 1.7 billion people do not have anywhere safe to go to the toilet and how the simple fact of not having this facility increased the risk of disease. The children found this most upsetting so decide to join the ‘Toilet Twinning Programme’ where they could raise funds to help people build their own toilets in countries where they needed them. The children all made leaflets to take home to ask if they could do chores around the house to help raise money for this good cause. In the end, the children not only did jobs around their house to help, they cooked meals for their families, made and held cake sales and run lemonade stalls. In the end they collectively raised ££303.19 – this means we now have enough for a school toilet block AND a toilet for a family!

        Our display was all made from recycled rubbish - scarp paper, used tin foil and crisp packets (insides and out)

We feel very proud that we have helped to give people the opportunity to have the amenities that we take for granted, and hopefully make their lives better.

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