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Damers First School – Sunflower Super Highway

Damers children are taking part in the Dorset Sunflower Super Highway. The sunflower seeds are from Maiden Castle Farm who put together a Sunflower Trail last year.  Sunflowers are a positive, happy plant that strengthens our connection with being outdoors. Sunflowers also save green species which include bees, starlings and hedgehogs. They have also become a support for Ukraine too.

Each class in the school has grown 15 sunflowers (1 between 2) at school to create a Damers Sunflower Trail.
Each child has planted another sunflower each that they have taken home at May Half Term. The children will take photos of their sunflower as it progresses sharing with the school.
When the sunflower dies we will keep the sunflower seeds so we can do the Sunflower Super Highway again next year, giving out seeds we have to other schools, community groups, families, businesses to grow our Sunflower Super Highway.
A huge thank you to Poundbury Garden Centre and Goulds Garden Centre who have donated compost (which will be mixed with the compost we make on the school site with our Ridan) and eco fibre pots for each child to plant their sunflower seed.

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