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Our New Partnership with EMR Global UK

Recently, our Roots & Shoots Eco Group set up a fabulous partnership with a local recycling company, EMR Global UK. As one of the world’s leading metal recyclers, EMR plays a pivotal role in the provision of sustainable materials across the globe. With a history spanning over 70 years, they have grown from a single UK business to a multi-national corporation. They recycle 10 million tonnes of waste annually, made up of everything from drinks cans to oil platforms, which are re-used, recycled and recovered into more than 200 grades of new, sustainable raw materials.

EMR Metal Recycling (@EMRmetal) / Twitter

Our school has set up an account with them, where parents, children and staff can collect food and fizzy drinks cans (including any other forms of scrap metal or aluminum they don’t want) and EMR will give our school money, to the value in weight, straight into our bank account. Either, our Eco Group takes all the cans collected in school to the EMR collection depot, or parents can take themselves; as long as they give our unique account number, every piece of scrap metal is weighed and is added towards our total collected – what an amazing way to encourage people to recycle instead of adding to landfill.

What we also liked, every EMR employee is tasked with living up to their essential value: ‘We care and we do’, exactly the same ethos we have here at Goat Lees Primary School. This is why we know this is going to be a productive partnership. We are so excited about this new alliance and we will post the total monies collected throughout the year. Alongside that, how we spend the money we earn which will be for maintaining  our outside area; we are forever improving the biodiversity of our school grounds and constantly working towards a more environmentally friendly school-life for all.

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