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Mission 2: Making a Bug Hotel!

We were lucky enough to be able to visit Farmer Chris’ Park Farm near Swindon. The family run the farm with a real emphasis on regenerative farming and environmentally-friendly practice and Farmer Chris was really happy for us to come and spend the morning building his bugs a 5* hotel right next to his wildflower meadow. The children were absolutely fantastic and there was some really great team work happening. After working together to work out how to level out the bottom pallet, the children set to work, filling the hotel with lots of lovely places for different bugs to to make their home. The top of the bug hotel will soon be covered with a turf to keep the inside nice and dry. 

The children also got to explore the area and visit the pond which had lots of damselflies and other beautiful visitors.

Fantastic work to our Swindon Saplings and thank you to Farmer Chris for giving us the opportunity.




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