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Hanson Box & Roots & Shoots Sunflower competition – get growing!

The Great British Sunflower Competition: the pack of giant sunflowers seeds you will find in your Hanson Box (along with a flyer detailing the competition), will enable your school to take part in a UK-wide sunflower growing competition called the Great British Sunflower Competition, where we are offering special prizes for the winners!

How many beautiful, saucer-shaped blooms will your sunflower plants produce?


  1. Tallest sunflower plant (photograph a tape measure next to your sunflower plant to show height).
  2. Most flowers on a single stem.
  3. Largest individual flower (include ruler or tape measure next to flower to show its size).
  4. Most attractive specimen (photo whole plant).
  5. Funniest sunflower photo (use your imagination, e.g. paint a face, create a moustache or give your flower a hat!).

Here our Schools Liaison Officer, Jasmina Georgovska encouraging you to take part.

So, get growing!


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