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Mayfair at TASIS

Each May, our school has a Mayfair where the entire school takes part in either helping out with games, food stalls, entertainment, and other activities. This day is open to the public and it is a great way for our school population to come together with the community that we are part of. The idea behind the Mayfair is to raise money for charities that the different divisions of the school support.

This year, the Middle School, which has four houses, has voted on a charity for each house. The Norman house has split their fundraising between WaterAid UK and Roots & Shoots UK! Many of the students at TASIS have been or are still part of the Roots & Shoots Wildlife Club. Money is raised throughout the year with monthly Rags and Tags, where students are allowed to pay £1 and wear their own choice of clothes for the day. Money is also raised by the students in each Middle School House choosing a UK based charity. Mayfair is a big contributor to the funds for each house. The total raised for Roots & Shoots is not yet calculated, but it will be a few hundred pounds at least! This is exciting for our students to be able to give back to Roots & Shoots, which has been a wonderful learning experience for so many of them over the past 15 years.

Wendy Gediman – Middle School Grade 5 Teacher, Roots & Shoots Coordinator

Thank you TASIS! Each donation to Roots & Shoots helps us keep our programme and resources free for all UK schools.

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