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The Don Hanson Box 2021 – A treasure trove for our schools

We are delighted that our partnership with The Don Hanson Charitable Foundation and the amazing Stewart McPherson goes from strength to strength.  Once again, we are able to bring to schools these amazing boxes filled with incredible books and resources. All free of charge!

This spring all 8,000 boxes were successfully delivered to the schools that signed up.

The Hanson Box contains specially designed resources that cover a broad range of subjects in the national curriculum, including Biology, English, Art, Geography, History, Ecology, Environmental Sciences and Natural History. The box includes 7 books, 9 lesson plans, a pack of giant sunflower seeds, as well as dormant eggs for breeding Triops and brine shrimps.

Watch our Executive Director, Education Tara Golshan as she is going through the exciting content of the 2021 Hanson Box. She said: “It is such a pleasure to collaborate once again on the Hanson Box with Stewart and his team of professional educators.  We are delighted, once again, to bring this wealth of knowledge and practical resources to our schools across the UK”.

If you did not sign up to the 2021 Hanson Box, worry not – soon we will be sharing details on how you can sign up to receive the 2022 Box, so watch this space.

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