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Updates On Our Projects and Money Raised So Far From EMR Recycling

Although the Roots & Shoots Eco Group haven’t really promoted our partnership with EMR fully throughout the school, we have still been receiving cans and tins from some children. We recently received an advice note showing that we have already earnt £84 which is amazing as this was only from cans collected by a few children; just imagine what the potential is for future funds once our Eco Group put up the posters and deliver their assembly. The wonderful thing about this partnership is that we are making it is easier for people in the school’s community to recycle these items properly – so many times we see discarded fizzy drinks cans littering our parks, pathways and roadsides. Once this is up-and-running, our Roots & Shoots Eco Group will organise a ‘local litter pick’ as I am sure they will be able to collect many cans along the way, adding to our money-pot and keeping the surrounding area free from litter.

Talking of waste and litter, we have just started our Eco-School Application for this year. The topics we will be covering are Waste, Litter and Healthy Living (last time we went for School Grounds, Bio-diversity and Water). With our new strong partnerships with the EMR company, our existing strong partnerships with the local Waste and Recycling Education Officer from Kent County Council and, of course, our wonderful Roots & Shoots, we are certain we will have another truly successful year.

We are still working hard on our beautiful meadow area and natural pond, preparing them both for the winter season. We also have an education day planned for the future at our Local Environmental Centre, our local councilor has kindly invited us, looking at natural pond management and basic maintenance of our environment. We will keep you posted on this with, hopefully, some exciting photos of the day’s events soon. We have also completed our outdoor Reading Shed, our ‘Nurture Boat’ is coming along slow but sure (we need more pebbles and plants), and we have decided to paint our bench in our quiet garden area to make it more colourful and appealing for those needing times of quiet contemplation.

Of course, not forgetting, we are working hard to prepare for our International Day of Peace which we are hosting at our School on the 21st of this month; we are so excited, and to add to the excitement, Jasmina Georgovska will be joining us. We hope we make her proud as she sees the activities we have planned for the day and she joins us with our giant Peace Dove (not forgetting all the little doves) to send this important message for equality to all.

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