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International Day of Peace – 21st September 2022 at Goat Lees Primary School

The theme this year is, ‘End Racism. Build Peace’. Here at Goat Lees, we understand the importance of tolerance and equality (it is something we constantly promote throughout our school) so we took the opportunity to reinforce this to staff, children and parents alike. After a week of working towards our celebration day on the 21st September, we were able to come together and voice our support for this important message.

During the week, each year group read a book themed around ‘Equality’ and/or ‘Peace’ and the children produced a piece of creative writing based on their class story. We held class discussions on what equality meant and how we, as individuals, could make sure people were treated equally. We practiced the ‘Peace Day Song’ in assembly and in our classrooms, and we made wall-hangings to be displayed in the corridors carrying our messages of peace and equality. The last thing to make, were our ‘Peace Doves’: Year R to Year 4 made paper doves – some  just brightly coloured, some with messages of equality and peace on them.

Year 5 & 6 made their doves out of old wire coat hangers, used plastic drinks bottles and compostable plastic bags. Everyone really enjoyed making their doves and they were eager to parade them together around the school. Some of the children had heard ‘whispers’ of there being a giant dove and this just added to their excitement; what did this giant dove look like and who had made it?

On the day of the celebrations (and the ‘giant’ peace dove), there was an air of anticipation running through the school as the morning slowly passed by and the afternoon parade finally arrived. To add to the excitement, we were extremely lucky to have the wonderful Jasmina Georgovska and Tara Golshan from Roots & Shoots join us in person for the afternoon.

The afternoon started with the children, carrying their peace doves, with pride, marching out on to the playground and eagerly awaiting the arrival of the mystery ‘Giant Dove’. Then, from around the corner, some Year 6 children suddenly appeared with the mighty dove flying in all its glory; the children loved it!

The afternoon had begun!

The whole school then sang the ‘Peace Day Song’ and, after a rousing rendition, the children followed the Giant Peace Dove around the school field with their own doves in hand. They enjoyed it so much that we all lapped the field twice.

It was a truly wonderful sight, and showed the school’s sense of togetherness. It was lovely to hear both the children and adults expressing their sentiments of  ‘community spirit’ the whole event had evoked. To finish the event, each year group then had their photo taken with the Giant Dove.

What an amazingly wonderful day it was!

We have now put up a display to mark this fantastic event; a lovely visual reminder of the splendid afternoon that was had by all as we spread this important message:


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