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Author Visit – Jenny Bailey

We were very lucky to have a visit from Jenny Bailey; a children’s author whose main focus is on the environment. She is Director, Author and Co-Founder at Tales from Mother Earth which was formed in 2020. Jenny wants her stories to be realistic, depicting how wildlife is coping in todays troubled environment so her stories feature strong messages told from the point of view of Mother Earth. Wanting to encourage children to open their eyes to the wonders of nature and empower them in a positive way, the stories aim to raise awareness among the young, highlighting the current threats our wildlife is facing from erosion of the natural habitat, climate change and plastic pollution.  She feels it is important to nurture and encourage the next generation, helping them understand how precious nature is and help them understand how their actions, no matter how small (picking up rubbish, planting wildflower seeds and feeding the birds), can make an impact for good.

Jenny joined us on Wednesday, 2nd November for a whole school assembly. She talked about her books, read an extract from Phoebe the Bee, her first book, and then asked the children if they had any questions. It was lovely to see how involved the children were. Jenny then went for a walkabout around the school, visiting our library, the newly erected Outdoor Reading Shed and then our school grounds. We wanted to show her all the amazing areas we had created to encourage as much wildlife as possible in to our school grounds. She was very impressed to see the biodiversity we had achieved.


To finish off Jenny’s visit, she went to our Reception Class and read the whole story to our youngest children and left us with a signed copy of her latest book. It was a lovely end to a very enjoyable visit.

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