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East Coast College eco update

My students have been visiting Ringsfield Hall Eco Activity Centre in Suffolk to do some gardening. They have trimmed willow trees and are making a willow fence from the larger pieces. By doing this, the students are learning how to use garden waste in a sustainable way.

We are using the smaller pieces of willow to make Christmas stars which will be sold to staff and students. Half of the profits will be returned to Ringsfield Hall. The money will be used to make a wildlife garden there.

My course has developed a partnership with Ringsfield Hall who will employ one of my students in a gardening role at the end of the academic year. Ringsfield organises events for inner-city children so they can enjoy the countryside and fresh air.

A brand new Climate Committee is now set up at the College for interested students to join and they will be looking at these Initial Ideas/contributions:

  • Additional water dispensers so students can refill bottles and reduce single use plastic bottles/cans
  • More recycling on campus – recycle bins in high traffic areas – canteen, corridors, classrooms – perhaps some posters encouraging/signposting recycling
  • Planting more trees – on campus/community – helping with decarbonisation and rebalance
  • Recycling project – reducing waste, beach cleans/litter picking around campus

And discussions around:

  • Reduce, reuse, recycle
  • Local and government initiatives
  • Local support and volunteering programmes
  • United Nations Global Sustainability Goals as a source of inspiration

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