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Roots & Shoots Brochure 2022

Our youth provides hope for the future!

Is there still hope for our planet given all the challenges we are faced with? Yes!

Where do we find this Hope? In the youth of today!

How far we have come..

Today, in the UK, Roots & Shoots has become a mission, not just a programme, but a way of life that respects and regenerates our planet, its environment and all its inhabitants.

The challenges our planet faces from global warming, species extinction, deforestation and water scarcity to name a few, are escalating. Time is running out. We must act now before our impact becomes irreversible.

The solution is simple.

To quote Dr Jane: “Every one of us can make a difference everyday. No matter how small that difference is.”

Thank you to all of our member schools, sponsors, partners and individuals who continue to accompany us along this amazing journey; DP World, Montessori, St George’s House Windsor Castle, Don Hanson Charitable Foundation, Earthwatch, RSPCA and National Geographic Kids.

And to our amazing ambassadors; Colin Firth; Celine Cousteau and Robert Swan, for all that you do to make this world a better place.

And to Dr Jane Goodall. May we continue to make your legacy proud.

Read our Roots & Shoots Brochure 2022 here and get inspired!

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