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Carbon Zero pledge

It’s important that we all do our bit to move Walhampton closer to being Carbon Zero. Our enthusiastic Eco activist in Year 6 and all-round Super-Hero, Javier, has these everyday tips for us:
  • Be mindful – switch off (Christmas) lights and screens when not in use
  • Recycle more – we’re collecting aluminium, old pens, stamps, pill packets and batteries here at school, and can all sort paper into the correct bins too!
  • Food waste – enjoy your food, and try not to waste any of it!
  • Changing habits – why not walk, cycle or take the bus to school?
  • Get involved – share ideas about Eco-Friendly projects such as the Reverse Advent Calendar and Christmas Jumper Day which we’re focussing on NOW!

Also National Tree week assembly:

This week’s Y4 assembly focused on National Tree Week, the audience were treated to interesting tree facts and a beautiful rendition of ‘What a Wonderful World’. We’re also excited about planting our Woodland Trust trees to fill gaps in the woods created by storm damage, and the after-school conservationists have been clearing away the invasive cherry laurel to give them a good start.

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