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The Goat Lees (Re)Love Our Stuff Clothes Sale – 7th, 8th and 9th February

During ‘Cut Your Carbon’ Week, the Roots & Shoots Eco Group held a (Re)Love Our Stuff Clothes Sale where we sold on clothes people no longer needed, to help reduce the amount of unwanted clothes going into landfill. We have been looking, as a school, at how much waste we produced in the UK and found it to be more than 100 million tonnes of waste every year (one tonne is about the weight of a small car). We wanted to help reduce these figures and the amount of waste entering into landfill so, alongside all the other things we do already (composting, battery/ink cartridges/paper/metal and plastic recycling), we decided to hold a clothes sale.

After a lot of work, collecting 12 bin bags full of clothes, sorting through them, and then advertising for the event, the big day arrived. A few staff, and children from the Eco Group, set up the tables and laid out the items; at 3.30pm the doors opened and let in the waiting parents. Not only did we have pre-loved clothes on offer (all items under £1), we had free books (to inspire more reading) and free school uniform. Our Goat Lees Food Bank was also available for anyone that needed some extra food supplies. The whole event was extremely successful and, over the course of the three days, we managed to raise a round £100 which was very impressive when you think most items were sold for as little as 20 & 50 pence each. This money will now be spent purchasing more food and toiletry items for our Goat Lees Food Bank. The un-sold clothes will be taken by our Headteacher to give to some local charities: the children’s clothes will go to the Pneuma Church which run many ‘Compassion’ projects like: Homeless and vulnerable meals, Meals for new Mums, provision of baby and children’s clothing; and the women’s clothes to The Beehive (a Pneuma Church women’s refuge project) which offers a ‘safe space’ cafe for women who have experienced domestic violence or abuse, and they also have a pre-loved clothes store.

Although it was extremely hard work, we are proud of everyone who donated, helped and purchased to support our efforts to address the very important issue of ‘waste’ alongside giving something back to our local community.


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