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Milford Pre-School Plus – In Touch in Nature project

We were delighted to receive a grant from Roots & Shoots to overhaul our entrance area into our pre school. We are lucky to have a large allotment and use of a Forest School area, our entrance area really didn’t show how green fingered and outdoor loving our children are! It was full of concrete and dull. Our bird boxes needed attention!

Step forward the super grant and our area was transformed! Two of our parents built us some fabulous planters, one by the garden gate wall, one running the length of the brick wall and one small one by the gate. We also had a small one under the notice board all hand built using planks purchased with the grant. They were lined and we purchased peat free compost. We also purchased some wild flower seeds, some sunflower seeds, some watering cans and a new sparrow terrace for our resident sparrows! The children planted peas, courgette and tomatoes as well as the wild flower seeds and sunflowers along the brick wall. The children loved watering them on their arrival at Pre school as I left the cans full ready for action! The children were excited to tell their parents what was growing and more excited when they were able to pick and eat the vegetables! Parents loved seeing their children picking and eating healthy food straight from the plant!

The children also spotted the pollinators on the wild flowers and we were all thrilled to see the adult sparrows feeding their babies in the safety of the sparrow terraces.

The area continues to be another area rich in biodiversity for the children and adults to enjoy thanks to the grant we were given. Thank you Roots & Shoots!

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