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Hope and inspiration at the Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots Awards 2023

After four long years, our in-person Awards finally returned! On Friday, 3rd March young people from Roots & Shoots groups across the UK gathered at the Barbican Centre in London to celebrate the 2023 Roots & Shoots UK Awards.

The awards ceremony highlights the achievements of groups and individuals who have done amazing things to help people, animals and the environment as part of the global Roots & Shoots community founded by Dr. Jane Goodall.

Amazing displays were by put up by the presenting schools, highlighting their work:

Accrington St Christopher’s Church of England High School Eco Group planted 200 trees around their campus and raised awareness about the importance of the planet’s marine environment. The Eco Group can grow fresh fruits and vegetables in their Polytunnel thanks to the JGI Roots & Shoots grant.


 ACS Cobham International School established a community garden to supply fresh fruits and vegetables to the school cafeteria. Students also planned and hosted social events for the elderly, and they organised a food appeal in support of their local food bank. Finally, with the help of Wildlife Aid, they established a care and release facility for orphaned foxes.



Bournemouth University collaborated with St Luke’s C of E Primary School to run a series of activities aimed at conserving local animal habitats. The students also worked together on a massive project to redesign and restore their pond; it was a true community effort, and the pond is now thriving and full of life.


Goat Lees Primary School worked hard to keep their school as environmentally friendly as possible, by recycling, collecting crisp packets for the ‘Ironman’ to make insulated blankets for the homeless, and hosting a preloved clothing sale.


Ravenscote Community Junior School restored their local pond, providing a better environment for wildlife to thrive, which included the construction of bat and birder boxes. They also worked tirelessly to restore their school’s garden, planting vegetables for the cafeteria as well as wildflowers for butterflies and other insects.



Swindon Saplings Home Ed Group planted pollinator-friendly plants and constructed a bug hotel. They also worked hard to pick up litter in their neighbourhood and donated bulbs to a local nursing home for their residents to plant.



Thomas Buxton Primary School has made significant efforts to recycle, use less plastic, and conserve energy. They participated in a climate action protest and made an eco-friendly film. Students spent a significant amount of time outside, learning about nature and animals.



Walhampton hosted a Christmas food bank to help those in need, raised funds for schools in Khe Nang, and held a clothing drive to help Ukraine. Students are working together to become more environmentally conscious by cycling to school, learning about the environment, reducing food waste, beekeeping, and gardening, and pledging to be carbon-zero by 2030.


Ysgol Clywedog transformed a flooded field into a healthy ecosystem, planting trees and putting together a vegetable allotment. The project has had a positive impact on their local environment, with plants and animals flourishing as a result.


Dr Jane went around the stands, chatted to the excited students, and was well impressed by the variety of the projects.

Our Executive Director, Tara Golshan said: “It was such a pleasure to be holding our first in-person awards event in four years. The students showed exceptional commitment and resourcefulness despite the challenges they have faced and the obstacles they have had to overcome. The projects were both inspirational and uplifting and are making a huge contribution to the preservation of our environment.”

We were delighted to have the Trashion Show return this year and the Accrington St Christopher’s girls recycled and upcycled outfits were a hit.

Finally, Dr Jane Goodall herself presented our various Roots & Shoots Awards winners with their trophies and goodies, and congratulated them on the real difference they have made and how they have and will continue to inspire others.

Awards winners

Most Outstanding Individual – Lily from Wrexham, Wales

Most Outstanding Photograph – Elizabeth from Surrey

Most Outstanding Group – Goat Lees Primary School

Racing to Zero – huge thanks to The Do Schools for sponsoring three prizes of £1,500!

Goat Lees Primary School, Swindon Saplings Home Ed Group and Ysgol Clywedog are well deserving of this prize and will enable them to take on even more inspiring projects.

Our sponsors

The Roots & Shoots Awards 2023 were possible thanks to our amazing sponsor DP World.

Thank you National Geographic Kids for offering 12 months NG Kids Magazine to our winning groups.

Thank you RSPCA for sponsoring the Most Outstanding Group award.

Thank you Duke, Rubin, Besureis and Hanworth for sponsoring the Trashion Show Prizes and Sam Brown for the support.


Enjoy our Awards video and a selection of images from the Roots & Shoots Awards 2023! With thanks to Rubin Besureis.


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