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Walhampton Trashion Show

Walhampton has staged its first Trashion/Fashion show during an assembly and at our Friday chapel service. The children have worked incredibly hard creating their pieces with some of our seniors undertaking their project during enrichment sessions this term.

There were three categories to enter including, ‘Trashion’, using recycled items to make an outfit; ‘Forever Fashion’, reinventing clothing to wear and love forever; and ‘Grand Designs’, embellishing and customising clothing for auction. The children used a mix of donated clothes, old clothes ready to remodel and recycled or found items to create their Trashion.

Mr Timms compared the shows, introducing the entries as they walked down the chapel catwalk, with Mr Miell mixing the music to help them strut their stuff and show off their creations. It was lovely to see the children from our juniors, middles and seniors confidently modelling the pieces with great support from their fellow pupils and parents.

Our guest judges were: Claire Spencer-Churchill, director for a women’s fashion wholesale agency and distribution company who is also involved in fashion shows and Charlotte Day Lewis, founder of a boutique consultancy for premium brands. The judges were very impressed with the high standard of entries and the creativity and quality of the pieces on show, commenting: “Your creative prowess has knocked us off our stilettoes! You have all been ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ and you are going to put us out of a job soon!”

Mrs Marshall who organised the event said: “We are very proud of the children’s efforts, they’ve worked so hard throughout this term to create their garments and it’s been great to see so much positive energy at the events – our pupils have such inspiring levels of imagination, drive, creativity and kindness to each other  – well done to all involved!

The buzz and creativity and kindness they showed to each other was wonderful. We were very much inspired by past Roots & Shoots trash ion shows, and by a brilliant ‘charity shop clothes Upcycler’ who came to our Eco-Day in June 2022. Walhampton pupils started working on their creation last December, and 3 of our 4 pupils who came to the Barbican had already finished their creations. Seeing St Christopher’s really helped them to show the other pupils how to ‘work the catwalk’! £80 made in charity auction too.
The first time I saw a Trashion/Fashion Show at London Zoo someone was wearing a dress which had Colin Firth’s old tie in it – oh the glamour!!!”

Our prizewinners are:
Junior Winner – Dolly: ‘Love Heart’ Skirt
Middles: Winner – Blake: ‘Force of Nature’; Runner-Up – Claudia: ‘Feather Explosion
Seniors: Winner – Persie: ‘Flashion’; Runners-Up – Ava & Bea ‘Jeans Reimagined’

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