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Conscious Choice Campaign at Moreton Hall

At Moreton Hall our Eco team has been working in partnership with the Morton Enterprise to bring a variety of items to the school. The group have lead a school wide campaign for more environmentally friendly options to be sold in our shops to help enable customers to make more  globally friendly choices in their purchases. This was to be called the Conscious Choice Campaign.

At the start of the campaign students researched and tested many different, more eco-friendly alternatives to products I currently use around the home – initially starting with trying to make my bathroom plastic free (I had many products which they wanted to promote).

The group conducted research into what other pupils and students may want and at the end, all decided the first new product to bring in was Tony’s Chocolonely – a Dutch chocolate brand that’s main aim is to make the chocolate industry 100% slave free but is also plastic free and contains no palm oil.

Students researched a wholesaler we could use to buy this new chocolate – as a relatively small and more morally driven company, it couldn’t be accessed from the wholesalers we currently used – in the end we started ordering from the company’s own website.

Aware of that fact that this chocolate would be more expensive than the other chocolate we also sold in the tuck shop, as well as the fact that we – as humans – are creatures of habit, we knew we would have to put a lot of effort into promoting the product, and telling people why it was worth buying over the products they already favoured.

My marketing campaign included Tony’s marketing – Posters all over school, collaboration with the enterprise marketing director to promote the chocolate online and on social media, and a school assembly where students wrote and presented.

When the chocolate hit the shelves, it  instantly became a best seller and we are now trying to find out which products and flavours sell best to inform future orders and continue to grow the popularity of this product.

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