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TASIS Trip to Romania

For over 20 years, TASIS Upper School students have travelled to Romania to work with children associated with the registered charity, Romanian Children’s Relief  (RCR). RCR has been serving children in need in Romania for over 30 years. RCR works with special needs children who live in small group homes, abandoned babies in the hospital, a special needs school, children from the Roma community in after school enrichment clubs, foster families, help for families with children with special needs, and recently with Ukrainian children who live with their mothers in Romania for now.

A group of TASIS Upper School students are part of the RCR Club, which organizes fundraising, communication, and take part in the yearly week-long trip to volunteer with the children in Bistrita, Romania.
It is amazing to watch the interaction and love given and received during this intense, but most rewarding time. Our students learn that special needs are just different needs and that all people deserve the best life possible. Working with the Roma children is amazing, as the language spoken is that of caring and sharing.

We also had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with Ukrainian refugee children. Their mother’s were there in the hotel that they are living in, but we only spent time with their children. The children were shy at first, but they became engaged and lively as the afternoon went on. These children are unsure of their future and of their family back home. Our students were happy to play with them and do some crafts. We had a lovely lady who was able to translate for us if needed. She also told us a lot about the program. We hope that things change soon and that these children and their mothers get to go home.

We have included some photos, but in some of the homes, we were not allowed to take photos. We totally understand this and respect it. Our hearts were full when the end of the week came. We learned so much from the RCR professionals, and of course, the children.
Everyone came back with new ideas and new insight into the lives of others. We look forward to returning next year!

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