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Damers First School – Swift Bricks Campaign

Damers Eco Crew are campaigning with Hannah Bourne-Taylor (originally from Dorchester) to make sure every new house that is built has a swift brick in them. Poundbury’s Phase 3 and the Duchy are leading the way nationally with all houses having a swift brick which is monitored by theRSPB. Damers Eco Crew have written a letter to Chris Loder MP asking him to support their campaign and to represent them at a debate in the House of Commons on Monday 10th July. Chris Loader MP replied  saying it was up to local Councils to make the decision on whethr new houses should have Swift bricks. The children will be writing to Dorset Coucil to make sure this is happening.

The Feather Speech is a national conservation campaign for swifts and other cavity birds,
supported by the RSPB and Rewriting Extinction. Four cavity nesting birds (Common Swifts,
House Sparrows, Common Starlings and House Martins) are on the red list of highest
conservation concern, a term defined by the need for ‘urgent

One of the issues hindering them is their nesting sites being inadvertently blocked off by insulation and house improvement measures. You can find out more here.
You can record nesting swifts you see on this map. This will help to build a picture of where swift nest sites need to be protected and where it would be best to provide new nest sites.

New homes for swifts – the Manthorpe swift brick

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