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Damers School – Connecting Poundbury and Dorchester with a Safe Cycle Lane/Route

Damers Eco Crew have been campaigning for a safe cycle route/lane to link Poundbury and Dorchester. The childrne put together a questionnaire to get the views from the parents.

Here are the results:
– 81% said they would use the route other than the school run
– 72% said they would use a cycle lane to get to Poundbury
– 65% of children cycle in Dorchester
– 46% would use the route daily, 29% would use it twice a week
– 56% adults cycle in Dorchester
– 68% cycle elsewhere

Giles Watts of Dorchester Transport Action Group is supporting our campaign and we had a meeting with him on Monday 15th May.
We wrote an email to Jason Bowerman, Duchy Estate Manager who is in support of a safe cycle lane/route between Dorchester and Poundbury.
We also wrote an email to Chris Peck, Head of Highways at Dorset Council where we are in discussions with him about the lane/route.

We were invited to a workshop to discuss our campaign further with Chris, Giles and local Dorset Councillors at the end of May. It was eventually decided that Phase 1 could go to public consultation but a spade wouldbnt be able to go in the ground till atleast 2026. There are still disagreements over the exact route to connect Poundbury and Dorchester. The different routes are below.  The children prefer route B as it is more direct than the others.

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