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Damers First School – Power Down Day

Damers Eco Crew have been focusing on reducing the schools energy consumption. Since September we set a target of reducing our energy consumption by 10%
each month which we have met so far. We use a programme called Energy Sparks that helps us to analyse how much energy we are using.
We organised a power down day with the money saved going into a pot and classes who have powered down correctly could put a proposal into having some of the
money for new equipment, money towards a school trip, or an educational workshop. “Keep Powering Down Keep Getting Rewards” is our slogan. Foundation
and Year 1 went above and beyond claiming £50 Amazon vouchers each to be spent across each year group. We have designed a poster with Nick Morris from Wallis on Poundbury and hope to launch the poster in all classrooms and offices over the next few weeks to remind classes and staff what
they need to turn off before they go home. During the Easter Holidays we turned everything off and saved 60% of our energy Consumption, saving

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