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Let’s talk Drinkable Thames

We are delighted to share this opportunity with you – from 17 September until 17 October 2023, join Li An and Maarten who will walk 350 kilometres from the source of the Thames in the Cotswolds, to its mouth in the North Sea.

During the walk, they will engage with local people, school children, farmers, fishermen, teachers, rowers, journalists, politicians, environmentalists and many more, and share their vision of a world with drinkable rivers. Every day they will monitor the water quality of the Thames with children and stay with locals who will welcome them in their homes.

Join the walk

Everyone is invited to join the walk for a day (or two). You can just show up or give us a heads up and register. Li An and Maarten will aim to start around 9:00 am at the starting points as indicated on their website. Please double check one day in advance whether there are any changes.

During the walk, they will measure the water quality of the Thames as part of the ongoing citizen science research project. The team welcomes everyone to participate in measuring the water quality of the Thames with them. Especially teachers and children are heartily invited. Please reach out to them via

About Drinkable Rivers

Drinkable Rivers is a non-profit organisation that works towards a world with drinkable rivers by raising awareness, mobilising people and giving them the tools to take action for change. Every action matters to achieve a world with drinkable rivers. All our actions on the land and in the water will contribute to this. As we are all dependent on fresh water all around the world and we are all part of watersheds, the drinkable river could be a societal compass for the 21st century that can guide us in the direction of health and that can mobilise us all.

For more information on Drinkable Rivers, Drinkable Thames, walk dates and locations please click here.

We hope you will join!

the Roots & Shoots Team

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