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Peace Day at TASIS

On the UN International Day of Peace, TASIS Middle School students gathered outside together to commemorate the yearly Peace Day parade at our school.
The students in 5th Grade carried our giant Peace Dove as the song, A Song of Peace, by Teresa Jennings, played on our outside speaker. Each student had made a peace dove out of paper with a message of peace written on it. When the parade concluded, the doves were exchanged. Faces lit up as messages were read. What a wonderful way to celebrate Peace Day, while acknowledging that we must celebrate peace each and every day in our own lives.

Daily journal

If I could help with keeping the peace, I would start by showing everyone how to show more gratitude. I think that gratitude would be key to having more peace in the world. I would also listen without judging and try to be more flexible and expandable with other people’s ideas. I would have many other statements here but a sweet memory was that I once heard in South Africa was the word ubuntu which meant “I am because we are.” , which to me was a wonderful way of keeping the peace and generally being nice, to me  it kind of  means that  people should not be so selfish and instead to have gratitude and kindness towards people around you.

By Alicia, Age 10

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