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Super Litter Pickers!

Today we held a litter pick at one of our local parks, where we managed to pick up a LOT of rubbish from around the park and car park, helping to keep the local waterways cleaner, helps the local wildlife and makes the area much more enjoyable and safe for others.

We started removing the plastic tree guards which are being blown around the park, 20 years after the trees were planted. From this, the children have been inspired to write to our local council to urge them to use biodegradable tree guards for future projects and to ask them to make sure they return to remove the plastic tree guards once the trees no longer require them.



We made sure we sorted our bags into plastic, cans and glass for recycling and meant that we only had 2 bags of non-recyclable general waste.  Although this took longer, it is nice to know that we can not only remove this waste from the environment, we are also using local recycling schemes to avoid this going straight to landfill.






So far in 2023, from individual efforts and group litter picks, Swindon Saplings have removed 44 bags of rubbish from parks, local areas and beaches! We feel that litter picking is not only beneficial to the environment and the animals and people who use it, but also encourages others to look after their local spaces too.






Swindon Saplings

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