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Greatham Village Nursery ‘In Touch with Nature’ project

The Disney Grant money was used to add more plants and shrubs to the back playing area so that the children could enjoy watching them grow. More meshing was placed over the pond area, and pond-friendly shrubs were allowed to grow more naturally and not cut back, to help the children understand how leafy vegetation can act as a protective shelter to the insects, amphibians, and small animals that live near the beautiful ecosystem of pond life.
Areas of the nursery in the back yard and along the front line of the nursery have been allowed to grow wild along with wildflowers and potted plants which have been a wonderful way to encourage bees, butterflies, and smaller insects to the green spaces so that the children could watch and observe nature in action. I ran a Conservation Art workshop with the nursery children on pond life, and all of the natural life attracted such areas, and they loved it.
Thank you Roots & Shoots and Disney Grant.

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