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Call to Earth Day at Moreton

On November 8th, Moreton Hall School organized a Call to Earth Day event to raise awareness about the importance of protecting our planet. The day was filled with various activities to engage the students in eco-friendly practices and encourage them to take action towards a sustainable future.

One of the highlights of the day was a special eco-assembly written by our eco-captains and delivered by members of the eco group, that featured an exploration of the theme “nature inspires”. The assembly aimed to inspire students by showcasing how nature has been a source of inspiration for architects and designers who have created some of the most innovative and sustainable buildings and products.

To make the day interactive, our eco group researched and sent out a fun fact and quiz question every hour via email. Did you know – over 40% of the world’s insect species are at risk of disappearing within decades due to industrial agriculture? Did you know – 78% of marine mammals are at risk of choking on plastic? Did you know that – a Sperm whale’s poo is very beneficial to the environment? Each whale’s poo releases about 50 tonnes of iron annually which promote the growth of phytoplankton, which take in carbon dioxide. These are just a few examples of some of the facts which were sent out.

As part of the celebration, the students dressed up in eco-friendly outfits and donned the colour green to demonstrate their support for the day, as well as their commitment to a sustainable future. Some of the pupils went above and beyond with their attire by creating props to match their costumes. The event was a tremendous success, and the students left with a greater understanding of environmental issues and a strong desire to make a positive impact on the planet.e a positive impact on the planet.


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