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Eco-Schools Green Flag Award!

Eco Council holding their eco schools green flag for the academic year 22/23

We would like to share how proud we are of last years eco council. The photo above shows 4 of our eco councillors proudly holding the flag which is now on a tall flagpole for all to see as they come to visit us.

The pupils worked extremely hard and clearly inspired their peers, as this year we had the biggest turnout yet for applications to be on our eco council. Our biggest achievement was probably the successful partnership that has been formed with EMR recycling who help us to recycle metal. The money raised from this is slowly but surely building in a pot specifically for the eco club to spend on resources that they feel will have the biggest positive impact on our grounds, community and wildlife.

So far, the eco club has met to put together a plan on what we want to work towards this year and how we can make a positive impact. This year, the pupils have chosen to work on the following topics:

  • Energy
  • Global Citizenship
  • Marine life

We are looking forward to inspiring and making positive change and sharing our achievements throughout the year.

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