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Damers First School Circular Economy Brothers Make

As part of our Oceans topic we teach the importance of a circular economy and the 10Rs. The children, with their families help get challenged to use a material to make into something else. This year we have had t-shirts made into tote bags, wellies into plant pots. It’s great as families are learning about it all together.
The children have be mesmerised by Jonny Browning and Matt Browning from Brothers Make who reuse plastic to make other useful objects. I think there is a shortage of sandwich makers in Dorchester!
So many of their films are a great educational tool to teach children about the different types of plastic, how to identify them and how it can be reused to make something esle.
Here they are below using plastic found on the beach to make in to a beach bat with Oly Rush Project Planet Earth who is a environmentalist hero!
Brothers Make - YouTube

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