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Our reviews of the ‘Jane’ series

When it was too windy for the conservation enrichment group to work in the woods this week, they were able to watch an episode of the Emmy award winning series ‘Jane’,  thanks to Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots and Apple TV +.


Here are their reviews and thoughts on the series:

– ‘Jane’ is an Apple TV program about an eco friendly girl saving the Earth, aimed at ages 5-8, inspired by Dr Jane Goodall who is a very famous Eco-Warrior.”

– 5* rating –  “Dr Jane Goodall is a naturalist who has been to loads of places trying to help endangered species around the world.” 

– “She learnt how to communicate with chimpanzees”. 

– “Dr Jane has inspired so many young activists and we should follow.”

– “It’s educational and interesting, with high Eco awareness and good questions to think about like ‘Why are polar bears alone?”

– “Dr Jane is a super naturalist, and ‘Jane’ really helps by showing us how to save the planet and reminding people not to litter.”

– “People should watch ‘Jane’ because it tells you why you work to save the World and that every little thing counts.”

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