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Dr Jane Goodall’s visit to Solihull Prep School

Recently, we were privileged to welcome Dr Jane Goodall to Solihull Prep School. We hosted two ‘Reason for Hope’ events which more than 1,000 people attended, including more than 450 pupils and teachers from over 30 primary schools. Dr Jane spoke passionately about her extraordinary life and answered pertinent questions from her enthusiastic audiences. Everyone was transfixed by Dr Jane’s presence and all now have a far greater understanding of how they can make a difference to people, animals, and the environment through her Roots & Shoots programme.

We all felt energised and truly inspired! Many of the schools who attended have now launched their own Jane Goodall Roots & Shoots Clubs which is such wonderful news and will lead to a collective of tremendous initiatives across our locality.

A very generous donor matched the Solihull School ‘Reason for Hope’ event revenues, resulting in a total of over £12,000, every penny of which will go to the Jane Goodall Institute to support the wonderful work it does across the world.

As a direct result of Dr Jane’s visit to Solihull, we and all of our invitees are all now even more dedicated to get together to “do our bit” to help animals, people and the environment. We aspire to follow Dr Jane’s ideal, “When you look back over your journey, your life, you can truly say I DID make a difference.”

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