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Our First Update

Since assuming responsibility for our school’s forest school site and garden space in September, we have diligently laid the groundwork for spring planting. We have cultivated relationships with local community groups, one of which we now engage with regularly. They have generously provided us with trees for planting and nurturing, offered guidance on plant and wildlife care, and actively participated in activities tailored for our SEND children.

Furthermore, we have established connections with local tree surgeons and mulch supply companies, and are currently in the process of procuring an eco-friendly toilet facility to be installed in our Forest School area, situated at the base of our school field. Additionally, our success in a recent competition has afforded us the opportunity to allocate funds at a nearby garden center. This has facilitated the acquisition of seeds, plants, and other necessary materials for our garden endeavours.

We eagerly anticipate the flourishing of our forest as we await the nurturing touch of Mother Nature, eager to witness the growth and development within our school’s natural environment.

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