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Beach Clean

In a world where environmental consciousness is becoming increasingly vital, a long-standing member of our Eco-Team, Anya’s (one of our U6 Eco captains) dedication to preserving our planet’s marine ecosystems has not only left an indelible mark on our school community but has also paved the way for meaningful action and change.

Last weekend, under Anya’s leadership, our Eco-Team embarked on an unforgettable expedition to the NorthWales coast, driven by our collective commitment to marine conservation. With aspirations of studying Marine Biology and Photography at university next year, Anya’s passion for the marine environment served as the catalyst for this impactful journey.

Gathering 14 members of the Eco-Team, spanning from Lower 4 to Upper 6, we set out for Aberystwyth, armed with determination and beach cleaning equipment generously loaned by Aberystwyth University Student Union. Our mission was clear: to contribute to the restoration and preservation of the coastal ecosystem through a day of hands-on action.


Our adventure began on the South Beach, where we diligently cleared the pebbles and sands of rubbish and plastic debris, leaving behind a cleaner, healthier environment. Energized by our progress, we paused at the War Memorial, seizing the opportunity to further our efforts by collecting litter and waste.

As the tide receded, we migrated to the North Beach, indulging in local delicacies of fish and chips and ice cream while eagerly awaiting our next phase of beach cleaning.

With renewed energy, we traversed the shoreline, gathering rubbish and debris, and culminated our efforts with a spirited stone skimming competition—an ode to the joy found in environmental stewardship.

Our actions did not go unnoticed, as a member of the County Council extended their gratitude, acknowledging our contribution to protecting and preserving the coastline. Their words of appreciation served as validation for our collective efforts and further fuelled our determination to effect positive change.

Exhausted yet fulfilled, we embarked on our journey back to Morton, traversing the picturesque landscapes of North Wales. As the miles passed beneath our wheels, we reflected on the day’s endeavours with pride, knowing that our actions, guided by Anya’s vision and leadership, had made a tangible difference in the ongoing battle for marine conservation.


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