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Etienne Sibille Musical Performance – ‘Scott’s Notes’ (La Note de Scott)

On Wednesday, 6th March we had the amazing privilege to a visit from the extremely talented French musician, Etienne Sibille. Etienne came to our school to delivery the very important message on why it is so important that we should look after our planet. His interactive show was delivered to our Year 3 & 4 children, with the help of an unexpected guest who crashed on to our planet from outer space – Scott, a little robot. ‘Scott tells an important and a bit sad story of his planet which suffered from waste, climate change and destruction and he encourages children to take care of Earth, our own planet.’


Through his spectacular musical performance using instruments made from only recycled scrap materials, he delivered the message on how we can help through recycling to preserve our beautiful planet. The children had the chance to take part throughout the show, and even helped Etienne to make his instruments from the unwanted items that would normally be discarded. By reusing some plastic pipes and then adding to them as the show progressed, what started off as a trumpet, transformed into a Alphorn, then a Didgeridoo and lastly, by strapping the pipes together and striking the pvc pipes with paddles (also made from recycled materials) he made an instrument like a xylophone. At each stage, the audience enjoyed the haunting sounds of these creations as Etienne took us on a musical journey to each  instruments’ country of origin.


Etienne also showed the children how they could make their own percussion instruments from plastic bottles, like shakers and scrapers. The show then ended with the children singing along to the show’s song, ‘We’ll All Be Rewarded’. The children had a fantastic time as the show was a very clever engaging and entertaining way to deliver this important message! We even had some children go away and draw their own versions of Scott’s home before the pollution (green and lush) and then after (drab and dark).

The afternoon was very enjoyable and the children definitely understood the importance of Scott’s message he delivered to us all about the importance of recycling and reusing; thank you, Etienne!

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