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World’s Most Exciting Classroom Event – episode 29


Join the next World’s Most Exciting Classroom episode, Thursday, March 21st at 1pm UK time/9am eastern time

Join via:

Please do take a moment and register for the event:

There is a jam-packed program:

Join live as the team sails from Valparasio, Chile to Callao, Peru! We’ll have a live uplink from the ship to kick things off.

– They will beam to a field station in the Peruvian Amazon and meet Ruth Pillco Huarcaya to learn about the amazing conservation work she’s doing with the Andean Bear.

– Darwin Leader Karinne Tennenbaum will join to share their experience working with a shorebird conservation project in the Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve, Chile.

– Find out the results of the warm and cold water mixing experiment launched two weeks ago.– See this week’s new experiment and undertake the challenge.– Join a Kahoot quiz and live Q&A session!  – Can you guess what this week’s Curiosity of the Week is? …and much more!

How to Join the WMEC

When you register, you can choose to interact with the WMEC events in 4 ways:

1) Camera Spot: Your class can appear on camera during the event and ask questions!

2) Audio Spot: Maybe your class can’t be on camera, join with your camera off, but microphone on to ask some questions!

3) Tune in live via YouTube, send in questions via the live chat and play the live Kahoot!

4) Tune in later, with the YouTube link you can watch the event anytime afterwards!

Watch WMEC #028
World’s Most Exciting Classroom Episode 28
Did you miss our last World’s Most Exciting Classroom Event? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with the recording of the event above!


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