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Romanian Children’s Relief Service Trip TASIS Upper School

Once again, TASIS Upper School students embarked on a journey to Bistrita, Romania to volunteer their time to work with children supported by Romanian Children’s Relief (RCR). The Romanian name for this charity is Fundatia Inocenti.

RCR was founded in 1990 by Michael Carroll, a photojournalist. He was asked to go to Romania to cover the story of abandoned children after the fall of the dictator, Ceau?escu. TASIS has been going each February for a week since 2000. Ms. Gediman has been bringing students on this trip since 2002.

In Romania, the 16 students who came to give their time, spent a week working with the children. This included special needs children in small group homes, children in afterschool programs from poor backgrounds, and children at a special needs school.

Activities included simple things like just holding a child in the group homes, singing to them, playing with them. and giving love to them. The faces of these children, many who cannot speak, and some who cannot move on their own, lit up and were fully engaged. Our students learned that special needs are just different needs, and that every single life has an equal importance and a need to be cared for.

In Lacrima, the special needs school, most of the children there are able to talk and take part in activities. These activities included making things out of clay, painting, putting on shadow plays, gym activities, and playing games. This was beautiful to watch as both our students and the students at the school were filled with joy.

In the afterschool programs, our students did arts and crafts with their children. As well, in one of the afterschool programs, our students helped with homework and learning English. Games were played both inside and outside on the playground.

This was a very touching experience for all involved. The language spoken and understood was that of love.


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