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Special prerecorded event on 28th March: The Next World’s Most Exciting Classroom Event



Join Darwin200 Voyage’s next World’s Most Exciting Classroom episode, Thursday, March 28th at 1pm UK time

Join via Darwin200 YouTube page at the start time or anytime afterwards:

Please do take a moment and register for the event:

This week, the event will be prerecorded, as the team will be in the Peruvian Amazon with no connectivity! They will be sharing that adventure in an upcoming World’s Most Exciting Classroom event. Instead they will have a prerecorded event featuring the following:

Rosa Vasquez Espinoza will join the event, she is a Peruvian Chemical Biologist, National Geographic Explorer, educator, conservationist and award-winning artist. She founded the project MicroAmazon that explores the microscopic universe of extreme environments and unique animals in the Amazon Rainforest to discover new molecules and enzymes for medicine and green chemistry. She’s been exploring what is known as the Boiling River, a roughly four-mile stretch of water flowing through Peru’s rainforest. It reaches more than 200°F—hot enough to kill animals that slip into its path. The river has long been the stuff of legend, even dismissed by some Peruvians as nonexistent. She’s been documenting what extreme creatures can live in these dangerous waters!

– The results of our Making a Cloud in a Jar Experiment– Did you guess what last week’s Curiosity of the Week is?– The team will share a link to a Kahoot Quiz your class can do together after you tune into the recording.

Missed the previous episode? Watch WMEC #029
Connecting with Oosterschelde for an update on how the sailing to Peru was going, right as they passed a beautiful island known as the Little Galapagos. Darwin Leader Karinne Tennenbaum joined us to share her experience working with a shorebird conservation project in the Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve, Chile. Finally we beamed to a research station in the cloud forest in the Peruvian Amazon to meet Ruth Pillco Huarcaya to learn about the amazing conservation work her teams is doing with the Andean Bear. The experiment of the week, a Kahoot! quiz and a new curiosity of the week.
This Week’s Experiment
Growing Baking Soda Crystals Experiment
Students have 2 weeks to replicate this experiment in the classroom or at home. The top 3 responses we receive with the answers to the questions and some photos will win a £50 Amazon gift card! Send your answers to and share some photos on social media, be sure to tag @Darwin200_


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