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Planet Pledges for Dr Jane’s 90th Birthday!

To honour Dr Jane’s 90th Birthday, Solihull Prep School’s Roots & Shoots Club presented a Planet Pledge assembly to the Junior School pupils and staff. We discussed changes we could make to make our world a better place. Each member of our Roots and Shoots Club presented their pledge, their reason for choosing that pledge and the difference it would make to our planet. We asked our school community to join in and to make a Planet Pledges of their choice which would benefit people, animals or the environment. We set up a channel on our Prep School Team where pupils and staff could post their pledges so that we could all share ideas to make changes for the better. We were so excited when the posts started flooding in. Here are some examples of the pledges we made:

  • My pledge is to give away toys, books and clothes, that I’ve grown out of, and not throw them away.
  • My pledge is to only use water when necessary and as soon as I have finished using the tap, I will immediately turn it off. I also pledge to try and have shorter showers to save water.
  • My pledge is to phone my Grandma every week because it makes her happy!
  • I pledge to pick up litter when I see it and recycle it so that it improves the environment so that people can enjoy clean places like parks.
  • My pledge is to save electricity so that it saves money and also saves the world a little. I will turn off light when I leave a room, unplug or turn off charging cables when not using them and use natural sunlight instead of electricity light. That will mean I will get more vitamin D too!
  • My pledge is to get a new dog from a dog’s home so that we can give a sad dog a home and lots of love and cuddles!
  • My pledge is to say something kind to everyone I speak to and smile at everyone.
  • My pledge is to do my best to take care of Earth. I will keep the earth clean, take my rubbish home with me, take care of animals, grow more plants, flowers and trees for a healthier life for everyone.
  • I pledge to keep the neighbourhood clean of any plastic and dangerous things that can harm animals.
  • My pledge is to turn off lights and my electrical items tv, computers etc. when I’m not using them and recycle batteries at all times. I will learn more about how I can help our planet and share what I learn with my friends and family. Together, we can make a big difference!

We all wish you a very Happy 90th Birthday Dr Jane! Together we Can, Together we Will, Together we Must! 

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