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Celebrating Dr Jane’s 90th Birthday!

Last week, Swindon Saplings met for a picnic at our wildlife pond, to celebrate Dr Jane’s upcoming 90th Birthday. We planted 4 trees on our plot in her honour – 1 crab apple tree, 1 plum tree, 1 cox’s orange pippin apple and 1 cherry tree. Already, the beautiful cherry tree is starting to blossom and we cannot wait to see it in full bloom, bringing life to the allotment plot after a long, wet winter, but also food to the pollinators and other wildlife.



“Swindon Saplings” came about after I had read Dr Jane’s book and felt so inspired to start our own home education Roots & Shoots group for our local community. Today as we stood looking at our pond, I realised that it is not even 1 year old yet and already has benefitted wildlife so much. Our group is not much older than that, only forming at the end of 2022. But as a group, we have achieved so much – we have improved the lives of others through companionship in care homes, helped the environment through multiple tree planting activities and lots of litter picking, improved the futures of young people by helping to nurture their love of nature, gardening and growing their own food, and so much more.

We continue to strive to inspire others to improve their own actions in day to day life too, continuing to spread hope as Dr Jane does to people all around the world. Our group has gone from strength to strength and we cannot wait to see what else we can achieve. So we want to send a huge thank you to Dr Jane for being such an inspiration to us and so many others around the world, your impact on our little community has been immeasurable.

Happy 90th Birthday Dr. Jane and we wish you all the best for the year to come and many many more!

Jools, Donna & all the families at Swindon Saplings!!

We hope you love this lovely card made by two of our saplings, Brea & Logan.

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