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Happy Birthday Dr Jane! – Damers First School celebrates Dr Jane’s 90th Birthday

The students half term question was What is our favourite wildflower? 

They walked to Poundbury Hillfort to pick wildflower seeds from wildflowers growing there.

Next they sowed these seeds on a bare piece of land known as Damers Meadow on the Great Field, Poundbury.After that the children identified wildflowers and trees growing in our school grounds.

The children documented what they found in a nature journal drawing pictures, writing facts, I wonder questions and it looks like a….

They gave tours to our headteacher, parents, CPRE, Dorset Gardens Trust, Miles King from People Need Nature. sharing our knowledge of wildflowers and trees.

The children wanted to share their knowledge with the community to help educate them on what wildflowers, insects and birds they might find around them.

The children came up with the idea of adding a nature information board to Damers Meadow.

As part of our Jane Goodall Roots & Shoots Programme, the children would like to dedicate the nature information board project to Dr Jane Goodall’s 90th Birthday.

 Together we Can, Together we Will, Together we Must!’


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