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Our Trashion/ Forever Fashion’ Show – dedicated to Dr Jane’s 90th Birthday

One of our most popular ‘firework’ events (events which bring a huge shot of excitement and energy to the school) is the annual ‘Trashion/Forever Fashion’ Show.

We want to dedicate this Trashion/ Forever Fashion Show to the incredible Dr Jane Goodall on her 90th Birthday! She is an inspiration to us all!

SDG12 Responsible Consumption and Production is front and foremost in our minds as we think twice about the materials we throw away, and whether they can be reused. In this year’s celebration of creativity, where rubbish is transformed into fun ‘Trashion’, we saw some ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ outfits including a hand painted dress fringed with shiny (and clean!) cat food pouches, a stunning autumnal themed outfit incorporating huge papier mache and chicken-wire leaves, and even the school’s riding staff embellished a  sequinned charity shop find with glorious colourful rosettes, finished with a chiffon and bubble-wrap train!

The event also showcased ‘Forever Fashion’ – a chance to transform items from a Charity Shop, or which are no longer worn, into something to wear forever. Pupils really enjoy the process of creating unique pieces, developing new skills, reducing landfill and most importantly slowing fast fashion. This section was a competition judged on 3 criteria of concept, creation, and ‘Kerpow’ or dazzle, and among other absolutely fabulous entries we saw a leather coat which had been transformed into a stylish sleeveless mini wrap dress, and an old zip up jacket, old jeans, an IKEA bag and a ‘GBR’ oppie sail given new life as a windproof jacket, complete with a transparent panel over the wearer’s watch. The event was launched before the Christmas holidays to give plenty of time for designing and making entries, and 3 months later the whole school enjoyed the Show, along with friends and relatives, in the school Chapel where pews were turned to face the central aisle that had been transformed into a runway.


The winners received vouchers for buying crafting equipment, which was the only cost of the event. Afterwards some of the Forever Fashion pieces were auctioned off and the ECO-Rep group chose to donate the proceeds to WWF.

This was our second Trashion/Forever Fashion Show, and over the last 12 months there have been many excited conversations about upcycling and how cool it is to buy Pre-Loved, and although running the event cannot take all of the credit, it will have certainly raised the profile of sustainable fashion. Inspired by the Earthshot prize, just before the first outfit was modelled, one of the boys spoke to everyone highlighting the shocking damage that the fashion industry is doing to the planet. Awareness of the significance and consequences of their spending choices is definitely increasing, and it’s also becoming much cooler to ‘rock your own style’ which has a positive impact on Wellbeing, SDG3…. and it is so joyful!



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