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Author: Roots & Shoots

Gombe 60: Jane’s Story

2020 marks a major milestone for Dr Jane Goodall and the whole Roots & Shoots family around the world. The 14 July will celebrate 60 years to the day since Jane first set foot in what is now the Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania. She travelled there as a young woman to study the […]

Take the instructable challenge!

We’ve just created a new resource as part of our twinning programme with schools in the UAE and we’d love you to give it a go! Even if you aren’t twinned yet, you could try it out with each other in your group (it’s a great resource to do at home). Our Instructables resource takes students […]

Twinning: Instructables

In this activity, students are tasked with picking an item to make, that conveys some information about their home country.  Perhaps a model of an animal that is common in that country, or a box decorated with meaningful designs. Once students are happy with their designs, they write a set of instructions and send it […]

Pandemic air pollution in the UAE

This article was originally published on the Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots in the UAE website, here.  The recent pandemic has caused many hardships and much suffering around the world, but one positive that has come from it (always good to find a silver lining!) has been cleaner air. Although we may not be able […]

Get Greening!

Do you have areas or patches of ground near you that look a bit brown or even grey? Well maybe you need to have a go at our new greening activity! As part of our ‘My Local Area’ set of resources, this activity takes you through all you need to get going with greening an […]

My Local Area Over Time

This activity will encourage students to investigate their local area further by asking local older people who have lived in the area for some time about how the local environment has changed over the years. In this activity you and your students will: Write a questionnaire. Write to, call or visit local older people. Produce […]

Story of the Earth and its Life

Today we know that it has taken billions of years for life on Earth to evolve from tiny individual cells into the myriad of plants and animals that we see today.  This lesson plan is designed to bring the story of the early days of the Earth and the evolution of life as we know […]

The Sun – Giver of Life

We all benefit from the life giving properties of the Sun. Placed at the centre of our solar system, its light ensures that plants are nourished, providing food for the rest of the living world. Food chains offer us a representation of this power.