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Author: Roots & Shoots

My Local Area Over Time

This activity will encourage students to investigate their local area further by asking local older people who have lived in the area for some time about how the local environment has changed over the years. In this activity you and your students will: Write a questionnaire. Write to, call or visit local older people. Produce […]

Story of the Earth and its Life

Today we know that it has taken billions of years for life on Earth to evolve from tiny individual cells into the myriad of plants and animals that we see today.  This lesson plan is designed to bring the story of the early days of the Earth and the evolution of life as we know […]

The Sun – Giver of Life

We all benefit from the life giving properties of the Sun. Placed at the centre of our solar system, its light ensures that plants are nourished, providing food for the rest of the living world. Food chains offer us a representation of this power.

Monsoon Rains

Monsoon is a special season in some parts of the world. It is a time when the winds change, often bringing rains to quench the land, the animals and the people who live there. This resource contains three activities designed to encourage children to discover, to experiment and to problem solve. Why do monsoon rains […]

Working the Natural Environment

The natural environment is used in lots of different ways: some people use it just for leisure and fun, like a trip to a beach or a forest; and other people use it as a resource. There are jobs that rely on the natural environment everywhere you look – you can even find urban farmers in the middle of our biggest cities. This activity will encourage students to learn about the industries that rely on their local environment, wherever they are.

Local Safari

This activity will help students understand some of the obvious and lesser-known creatures which live in their local area, and gain insight as to how these animals provide food for one another. This could encompass a simple forage around the school grounds, or could be expanded to a half-day visit to the beach, forest or park. Don’t be put off if you’re city-based – you’ll find just as much biodiversity, often more, if you look hard enough!

Local Environment Mapping

This activity will help students gain a deeper understanding of the geography, geology, flora and fauna of their local area, working collaboratively. They’ll investigate not only the physical layout of the area, but also what makes up the surface features, and how plants and animals have taken advantage of these features and the resources they provide.