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Author: Agent Latham

Green truly Is Global

Over the year our environmental leaders have been working on a significant project around water with our partner schools; Backwell school in Bristol and Angoreb School in Ethiopia.  Over last year they looked at the water they used and shared their results with one another.  This included such things as how much water they used […]


One of the many things at Penryn College that the environmental leaders find difficult is the number of plastic bottles and plastic things that get thrown away each day.  Even though a lot of this gets recycled the students thought they might do something a bit more interesting with the waste we produce so they […]

Our new farm editions!

Something that our Green Team has been waiting for a long time for are our new editions to the school farm.  Three weeks ago two chickens, Victoria and Betty, and two rabbits, Rhubarb and Custard, came to stay. The two light Sussex chickens have already started laying eggs, which are now being sold to the staff and the rabbits […]

Our own Penryn Cakes

At the start of the summer our Green team took part in a nationwide project to grow wheat on our farm.  Called ‘Bake your Lawn’ it called for everyone to grow some wheat on their school plots and when the time was right turn it into flour. In planting the wheat the green team tried […]

Our new Sustainability BTEC

For all the excellent work the environmental leaders do over the year it is important that they gain recognition for the work inside school and as they move further in their lives.  That’s why Penryn College has decided to launch the new Sustainability BTEC for all our environmental leaders from this year. However, as we […]

Being part of our ‘Everyday Futures’

The environmental leaders at Penryn College were recently lucky enough to be invited to take part in a South Cornwall project called ‘Everyday Futures’ run by graduates from the University College Falmouth and University of Exeter.  The project aims to raise the awareness of how we as individuals create a carbon footprint in the actions […]

Grow your own through stories

During the start of the term some of our students at Penryn College were lucky enough to work with a local writer Becky Tebbutt and a local illustrater to help here illustrate her new children’s book telling the story of the humble tomato, how to grow a tomato plant and  simple recipes for all those tomatoes […]