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Author: Agent Finlay

How to make a difference through Conservation Volunteering

  Pupils from St Mary’s School Ascot volunteered for conservation work on a Saturday morning in November. Groundwork South Trust Limited regularly calls upon conservation volunteers who are willing to create and improve green spaces for the community. No knowledge or prior experience of practical conservation work was needed, just a healthy portion of enthusiasm […]

Climate Change and Health – St Mary’s School Ascot hosts Professor Hugh Montgomery

Professor Montgomery with St Mary’s School Ascot Sixth Form Science Scholars and Members of the Eco-committee   St Mary’s School Ascot hosted a lecture by Professor Hugh Montgomery about health and climate change, which was attended by 400 students, comprising years 9 – 13 at St Mary’s School Ascot and also students from Charters School […]

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need” (Marcus Tullius Cicero)

At St Mary’s School Ascot, pupils and staff appreciate their location away from a city with plenty of green space so that it is relatively easy to run a school garden on the premises. Luckily, among staff members, there are those with enthusiasm and horticultural knowledge to educate and motivate pupils of all age groups. […]

If we die, we’re taking you with us (The Bees)

To mark World Bee Day, Year 7 Rookwood House at St Mary’s School Ascot prepared a memorable assembly. The whole school was in attendance and pupils and staff were given some thought-provoking material. This year, World Bee Day highlighted that one-third of the UK’s bee population has disappeared over the past decade and 24% of […]

St Mary’s School Ascot Up-cycling Project

Members of the Eco Committee at St Mary’s School Ascot constantly discuss ways in which students might reduce the use of plastic in their daily life at school. Over the last year all plastic cups in the student refectory have been replaced by water glasses and polystyrene lunch boxes have been replaced by reusable Tupperware […]

Lethal Mosquito – St Mary’s School Ascot

The world’s deadliest animal is not what students at St Mary’s Ascot expected. According to a study supported and published by Bill Gates, approximately 6 lives per year are claimed by sharks, 60,000 people lose their lives due to snake bites, 580,000 humans are killed by other humans and 830,000 people are killed by mosquitoes […]

Precious Water – St Mary’s School Ascot

Salt water makes up approximately 97% of Earth’s water which leaves only about 3% freshwater available for plants and animals. In addition, two thirds of the freshwater is actually frozen solid in glaciers, snow and polar ice caps. Only surface water and groundwater can be used by living organisms and once it becomes polluted, it […]