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Author: Agent Wilson

Dulwich Prep Eco Warriors tackle Waste!

Dulwich Prep London’s Eco Club has been looking at waste in the school, especially food and plastic waste. The boys are interested to find out how what improvements can be made. They are starting to carry out an audit across the school, monitoring which waste goes into which bins, how much waste is created in […]

Dulwich Prep London gets serious about Recycling!

Year 2 have been learning about Recycling and designed some wonderful posters to inspire others to think about this and take action too. The boys used digital cameras to take photos of everyday objects that they recycle at home and edited them to include creative slogans to get the message across. They have certainly caused […]

Pre-Prep Gardening Club in action

At Dulwich Prep London, the Pre-Prep Gardening Club has been busy growing seed men, planting seeds and bulbs in our school garden, watering, weeding and eating what has grown so far. The boys have been learning about the life cycles of plants and how to care for them. They’ve recycled old tyres into planters for […]

Art Week – Recycling theme

For our Art Week, Dulwich Prep London’s Pre-Prep took inspiration from an environmental campaign called #Street2Sea. It taught us about the harm that our litter does to sea life, highlighting that 80% of litter in the sea comes from what we drop on the land. An artist called ‘Moose’ created pavement art around Kings Cross […]