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Author: Agent Robertson

Home Facilitator Team – Highlands & Islands SYLVAE Project Update

The Highland Facilitator Teams Sylvae Highlands’ project was conducted at various sites scattered across the Highlands, in order to take advantage of the diverse environmental habitats of our location. This included work in woodland, scrub, maintained and untended wild areas and the seashore. We also conducted various public awareness days as well as giving talks […]

The Highland Facilitator Team 2012 Environment

The past year has seen seemingly impossible advancement of our impact as a group on environmental endeavour in the Highlands with not only the commencement of possibly one of the biggest environmental citizen science opportunities in the country, but our commitment to a major Sapling Regeneration Programme in partnership with Dr Jan Dick from the […]

The Highland Facilitator Team 2012 Local Wildlife

Our actions in developing the Highland Wildlife Park Biodiversity Hub Project are said to be set to have a monumental impact on the future preservation, conservation protection and understanding of local wildlife here in the Highlands for generations to come. The value of contributions which year on year citizen science projects will make to a […]

Highland’s Update

Environment Once again the weather has been the dominant force over the summer months, with team ventures being cancelled on a number of occasions as a result of designated work areas being affected by heavy flooding, leaving unsafe conditions under foot. We have consequently failed to carry out research projects on behalf of a number […]

Spring Round Up 2011

Part Three Community The greater part of our endeavour over the last few months has undoubtedly been our investment in community issues, highlighting the need for greater endeavour with regards the care of our environment and local wildlife. The team have taken part in public awareness days, carried out workshops with numerous youth organisations and […]